festive moods depend on locations too

Checking out the 2011 World’s Best Hotels article today, I chanced upon the List of 100 world’s best hotels. My pick off the list in my own order of ranking:

1. Stein Eriksen Lodge, USA [Score: 94.32]
The article says is a Norwegian-style lodge on a ski resort! Already winning the game with its snowy mountainous views and a cozy fireplace and kitchens in its one-bedroom suites, this accommodation tips the balance with its sleds-&-elves decorated lobby! Did I see “Stein’s Kahlua Cappuccino”? Champion! You wouldn’t need a Christmas to feel merry! In spring/summer, this resort is set in plains of greens and relaxing lawn chairs where one can get closer to nature. A great place to be in all seasons!

2. Triple Creek Ranch, USA [Score 97.10]
Set in a forested area boasting a log cabin with fireplaces and hot tubs, this accommodation’s closeness to nature already sounds too attractive to resist – coupled with wine-tasting and helicopter tours! I could imagine a nice stuffed turkey, roast beef and Christmas pudding, with festive green and red fairy lights! Better still, with a light blanket of snow to complement the occasion!

3. Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, Matauri Bay, New Zealand [Score 96.25]
Sounds like a perfect place for a holiday resort. Rolling greens and deep clear lakes, this would be an ideal location to retire and lead my reclusive life!

4. Hotel Caruso, Italy [Score: 94.75]
For the luxurious lifestyle, drop by this hotel to enjoy heated pools and private gardens stated in the article! What caught my attention was the mini-cruise and cooking courses with the chef! I wouldn’t want to miss waking to wondrous coastal views or enjoying sumptuous meals with wine-pairing in the evening in this romantic country!

5. Stafford London, UK [Score: 94.40]
The Classics! Boasting an entire rack of wines with a Master Sommelier and a historic flavor to the hotel, I guess it has good reason to be on the list!

6. Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa, Bora Bora, French Polynesia [Score: 93.56]
Not my choice location for a holiday but I thought it was worth a mention. This is a floating bungalow set in French Polynesia and you can only travel by a free boat shuttle to stuck up on your snacking supplies. It is an interesting and unique concept that I cannot leave unmentioned.


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