checking out the world from different perspectives

I tried to figure if I’d done what the article on Nine Ways to Take in the World’s Most Beautiful Vistas had advised over my many trips. Maybe you should take a quick check on your list too!

1. Head to the top floor
Tour Eiffel in Paris, check. Sydney tower, check. Ngong Ping 360 with the Buddha Statue in Hong Kong, check with good memories.
Sometimes beauty is so simple, “head to the top floor” and more often than not, one feels empowerment, strength and rejuvenation…Sometimes we just need a change in perspective. Would really like to visit Japan’s Ushiku high Buddha!

2.Take a train journey
Train Journeys … had some in Europe, had a great overnight one in Russia, but really, I would love to go on the Flam Railway as I’d mentioned in my last post on “Did you miss the trains? Don’t.” , and the Trans-Siberian! This “Darjeeling toy train” sounds interesting and I wouldn’t mind a sip of tea while listening to the train’s chugging through the green hills!

3. Get to the mountain top
Blue Mountains, Matterhorn, various in Japan … in fact I would love to get on several mountain tops and look at the world with such great heights. It’s almost like a reminder of how small one might be, how one might be so insignificant that our troubles never mattered, and how close we might be to the skies.

4. Sleep at the top of the world
Never had the luxury to do that – absolutely exorbitant rates! This tree top hotel in Sweden mentioned in the article sounds interesting, and the glass igloo in Lapland sounds even better. Having seen friends visit Ice Hotels in Lapland, I would be more than delighted to have a stay in the glass igloo with the aurora decorating the atmosphere!

5. Enjoy dinner or drinks with a view
Various in Southeast Asia, may not have been the best, but still good. I guess it’s not about dining at the highest point for me – much of dining has to do with great food and great company, followed by ambience and service. I’m not for the view – great views warrant greater freedom, a different sphere of emotions from dining, in my opinion.

6. Check out the world beneath your feet
I haven’t had a chance to check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk … a smaller attempt might be the Blue Mountains Skyway. Would I’m not sure I’m an adrenaline junkie – might just not be able to take such heights!

7. Take a scenic coastal road trip
Most definitely on various smaller-scale ones, and the picture in the abovementioned article is definitely gorgeous. It always trigger my thoughts on what it must be like to own a coastal hideout by the lighthouse, watching the sun set on the waters every evening as the waves wash up the rocky shores…Imagine the poet…

8.  Head to the tree tops
Explored the rainforests in Singapore and took a brisk walk in the Blue Mountains, but really, not my cup of tea.

9. Take to the sky
Something I should have done with my loved ones when I had the chance to, yet another regret to live with. Colorful hot air balloons lighting up the Grand Canyons, decorative and pleasant, it would have been a pleasure to see the world from the sky…

Longing for a holiday again…Next destination: Scandinavia!!!
For now … back to work 😦


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