what has happened to the good old days?

I am such an irregular writer I think I’m such an irresponsible creature.

Recently I’d been wondering how the world has changed and how little I knew of the past. Or my past, to be exact. I saw little children on buses playing with iPads or apps; then I recalled how I used to bring a novel on the bus to read and how we were told not to do that.
I saw children with cellphones typing away to their friends; then I recalled how we used to throw little balls of papers around the classrooms to pass secrets around.
I saw teens watching movies on their smartphones during lunch; then I recalled how we used to chat with our dining partners over a meal.
What did I do in the past, I wonder? What was life like before all these technologies sprouted? What was I doing in the past, during the hours that I spend online today? I just couldn’t pin-point an activity which I had done.

I’m not sure what to make of this. While I’m an advocate for mobile marketing and I’m very much into apps development etc, I just don’t think this is the right behavior a young child should portray. It is almost like communicating with machines your whole life.

I guess it really isn’t only the fault of a child – parents play a significant role in shaping their children’s behavior – of which I could never understand how parents would’ve allowed their children to be so overly-engrossed in mobile gaming. Where did the world of soft-toys and Lego go? Even as you enter a toy store now, the toys really aren’t what they used to be – sadly.

I guess the entire environment has shifted significantly, while a sentimental me continues to stand at the very same spot to await the revival of the past …

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