life written on a little dot

I’d recently been intrigued by microdots and the magnificent amount of information that can be written on it, without being easily detected. It was initially a technique used by the Germans during WWI and WWII, and the origin has often been disputed. Nonetheless, lets not dive into the historic creations of the microdot.

I was just wondering how anyone would have come up with such a brilliant idea. Something so insignificant like a dot, which punctuates every sentence in this page, can be magnified into a trove of secrets hidden on it. I sometimes wonder if one can hide a life story on these microdots for others to read. Valuing privacy to a large extent, I am amazed by the existence of microdots and how it has been used in espionage/counter-espionage events. I guess it would require more studies for an in-depth discussion, but lets just say … one should not under-estimate this dot. šŸ˜‰

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