where are the real geniuses residing?

On a rare and fortunate occasion I’d met someone who’d once said: “there is nothing warm-blooded in this course” – this caught my attention right away. No need for the pretense of “rapport” or “likeability” – a man truly supportive of genuine knowledge, someone who distinguishes between real hard-work and that of a charlatan, a no-nonsense established character who recognises and appreciates those who work and try over those who pretend. I do not purport to know this person well but I am grateful for having met someone different, and in my opinion, true.

Rare, indeed. How many of such people do we know in life? As far as I’m concerned, way too few. How often do we see hypocrites pander and masquerade, and these seemingly-smart people valued? Compare them to the quiet character who does not engage but strives for perfection. And history repeats itself.

It almost seems like the top factor for success is pretence. How do people today “recognise talent”? By popularity, favouritism, pure preference? How much faith do we have in this process? Do we still rightfully reward those worthy of credit, or have we today given more emphasis to sly attention-seekers?

I bring us back to the beginning of this statement. I recall a humble genius who’d put up a front as an arrogant old-fashioned man. It was no surprise that many hated him, maybe for his guts, maybe for his shrewd mind. A man who could remember for an extended period, something he had seen once, and even personalise it! How amazing could this mind be, so full of knowledge that it almost held a library within? More than just an academic trove of information, this mind converted words into applicable life skills and conveyed them for others. All I had was respect – and re-emphasizing a biased opinion, I saw him as a humble man. Indeed – humble in exhibiting his real intellectual capacity. How did a man of such a great mind ¬†patiently and open-mindedly accept arguments that even an average recluse like myself felt was absurd and had the urge of wringing the necks of the proposer? High IQ, even higher EQ. Yet not sufficiently appreciated – what could I say? The world loved those who appeared friendly, optimistic, warm… … And anything else was highly unacceptable. This apparently high-handed, cold and unwavering demeanor was more often than not criticised as negative.

So as my respect for this wonderful individual grows, it came to my realisation that the genius had spurred me to think critically and view the world with multi-perspectives. It made a cynic more cynical, but none of which was negative. Nothing could express my gratitude…

I am no Robert Koch, but I do still wish to meet the rare Professor Cohns of the world…
And the story of Koch deserves a full post to himself in the days ahead…

In the meantime…I continue to wonder how the world around us changes with a face so unfathomable…


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