rediscovering the extinct species

Having recently returned from a business trip, I came to realise that there are still truly unique individuals out there hiding under the radar. Nothing detects them except for a twist of fate…

I’d been most fortunate to meet an established lady who was knowledgeable & understanding even in the most infuriating settings. Despite all the shortfalls over a two-day period which I’d the opportunity to work with her, she had been supportive at all times when I’d needed assistance, and in control all other times when I’d failed to do so. This post does no justice to the brilliance I’d seen over a span of two days. How one could improvise, interact effectively, and share the extensive knowledge she had amassed over the years selflessly. It may not sound worthy of mention to most, but I couldn’t help noticing how people have become more selfish and unwilling to share over the years.

To make things even better than they were, I’d met a brilliant gentleman whom I could not stop commending. One couldn’t get any luckier than to meet a character whom you could work, interact, discuss, consult & coordinate all matters with almost flawlessly, after having met for only four hours of a day! Again, a rarity to meet someone of highly-established standings, who is also knowledgeable, approachable & instantly clicks with your working style. So much to learn beyond the perfect coordination, yet confined by the abstract concept of time …

What mattered, was to be acknowledged and appreciated despite a huge gap in status.

I couldn’t generalise & claim that there are no good beings around; it has indeed been a pleasant surprise to rediscover the extinct species: the good people.
I guess these are the little blessings we count and thank …

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