rethinking social media – use it right

I’ve had this dormant twitter account for ages and recently I’ve taken another shot at trying it out. Not too bad. Anyway, point of this post really is to talk about a great article I chanced upon today – everyone out there should read this: 9 Social Media Hacks I Use Every Day 

It’s time all of us consider how we’ve been using social media and whether it has been effective. We don’t need to be on every platform – we need to know how to use each platform to our advantage. I hear from another write-up that it’s more important to start somewhere, not somewhereS. Read the article I’ve referenced above – it shares key points that we all forget along the way. Reach out to a group of people and have meaningful interaction, not endless remarks over and over again without purpose.

Stop asking for “tried & tested” examples – give it a shot on your own! The article tells us the real purpose of “case-studies” – so please stop obsessing over it and get down to creating your own! If you don’t own your own business, that’s perfectly fine too – learn it for your own personal advancements…

I’m no expert in social media but I do see its benefits & disadvantages … share some with me along the way if you could – always happy to learn more! And if you’re still not on any of these, time to get started!

3 thoughts on “rethinking social media – use it right

  1. Excellent post. I’m so glad that others are starting to take notice of the fact that we’ve been following the pack on this social networking thing, and that it’s time that we started to take a more critical look at what we’re doing. I wrote a post about why I left Twitter last year. I’m debating whether I should join Facebook because, truth be told, it’s far easier to lose touch with people nowadays than it was before social networking took hold. People just don’t bother emailing or calling anymore because there’s an expectation out there that they just should just be able to look you up to see what you’re doing, rather than reaching out to ASK you how you’re doing. I think it’s sad.

    • Totally agree – I still prefer to send my Christmas cards & Birthday letters by mail though! I guess social media helps us to connect with people briefly and quickly, given that we probably won’t have time to get down to serious engagement most of the time, but now social media demands “Engagement” too! So there we go spiraling… Almost every industry is compelled to use social media now (I work in an environment where I’m bombarded by it everyday, and it’s better to know how it works than not). I guess each of these networks have its advantages, we just need to learn how to use them, then balance it with our daily lives. Interesting blog you have there by the way – public transport 😦

      • I know I’m being naive, but I do hope that people increasingly shy away from the violation of their privacy that social networking insists upon to survive, and that eventually, the whole darned thing blows over!

        Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, I know I’ve done some major venting about public transport. :p

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