history and its mysteries

I was about to look into picking up another course on World Heritage Studies when I realised that I couldn’t qualify for the entry requirements of certain specialisations in order to take this as a Masters. This however, has not stopped me from pursuing my interests…

I’ve taken to expanding my personal knowledge of history and am hoping that some day I can do something more than just “knowing”.  For starters, let me begin with how there were two occasions of inspirations that had such a strong impact on my life. Of which, both were derived from the study of history.

A shelf of seemingly similar topics – 54 books on one rack, with the same title, yet each proposing a different viewpoint that have oftentimes been neglected as a “me-too” argument. Each idea and concept, presented from a different individual perspective, gives great knowledge, unreachable to those who stopped at the edge of the shelf. Do not be complacent with the first completed reading – it limits the mind to a narrow alley of stubborn thoughts. Do not read the print. Read the content. Read between the lines. Read the overarching theme. Read and process. Do not read only to satisfy a course requirement in your education.

There is no formula behind this amazing combination of art and science; it is in itself, a journey of discovery so vast that a lifetime cannot suffice. The lack of understanding hence impoverishes life.

Name one item that can be absolutely divorced from history, hence disprove the prevalence of history. It is all in the argument 😉

Who has dismissed it as a boring regurgitation of facts and dates? Who has disregarded it as the perpetrator of information overload inapplicable to modern society?
Nihilism from the Narodniks, Reichdeputationshauptshluss, Chollima Movement: How much do you know of these? Nothing here which is officially provided in formal education, but this should not deter knowledge acquisition. If formal education should be the boundaries of learning, I do not comprehend the evolution from the homo habilis. On a lighter note, the study of history need not be mentally embedded in school-education. It is open to adoption as an interest, for those who believe.

There is no intent, in the course of writing here, to disregard any other fields of studies. There exists merely a need to remind all, to give history studies a fair chance in your consideration set, and to the rest, to continue the pursuit.

The beauty of history that has not been appreciated; these appalling thoughts, mysterious, deep, unfathomable memories, so unbelievable yet so real, of the Great War.

How history presents itself discreetly, quietly, unassumingly yet so charmingly to the ugly, crude, selfish faces of modernity, one cannot comprehend. One can only applaud the beauty that was once cast in the past…revealed and rediscovered only by those who try, who feel, and who really care.

What did war really mean? What was the basis of resistance and revolution?
Why did technology develop from the ENIAC to what we have today?
Who remembers the story of Robert Koch & his discoveries?

History has lived, and relived, undyingly, against the shells of anger, firing of criticism, shields of facades and barrages of lies, only a true believer understands.

No-one simply forgets/forgives.

One thought on “history and its mysteries

  1. Time is cyclical… there is no new thing under the sun, no not one. Learn from the past the lessons for today, to make a better tomorrow.

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