what can Pinterest do for you?

Yet another social site after Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others – Pinterest. Pinning things that are of interest to you. Nice name, I like it, and I like the concept. For those who aren’t already aware of it, Pinterest is like an online pinboard. Get a little “Pin It” button and you can pin pictures you like onto your virtual pinboard. Upload pictures of your garden and house, pin your favourite travel destinations from the Internet, whatever you wish – legally. Organise your pictures into any categories you’ll like. Tagging friends still work and you can even link it to your Twitter/Facebook account.

So what can it do for you that all these other networks cannot?
From a marketing perspective there’s still quite a lot of debates going on. I see it as a great eWOM tool – people pass on pictures of travel destinations, wedding gowns, home furniture etc really quickly due to its ease of use, and for those who are more interested, they can find the origin of the picture i.e. click on the actual url where the picture came from, to learn more.

From a personal point of view, I like Pinterest. I put up various boards (eg. Favourite Travels, Food & Drinks etc) and categorise the beautiful pictures I see online. Visiting a board is like visiting a world of happiness – basically you get to see all the things you like across your screen at once! Of course the sad part of me rings a bell that there are so many things I wish to have/visit but have yet to be able to do so. But the joy of looking at all things pleasant far outweighs the sadness. It lets you live in a dream, even if for a short while. This is what it does best, that other social networking sites have yet to provide.

I have recently invited a friend to join Pinterest and observed how she used it – when things got bad or unpleasant, she turned to Pinterest. It soon became a hobby – She put up pictures on her pinboards, tagged friends, and most of the time laughed after a brief “pinning routine”. It is easy to use, hassle-free and you get to write short comments beneath the pictures. I am an advocate of writing meaningful comments below each picture – afterall, a picture can speak a thousand words but it doesn’t tell us what you think of it. Don’t just put a heart, don’t just put a smile. Tell us where/what the picture is, and what you think of it. Share a good thought, with a good picture, for what it deserves.

Pinterest hasn’t been excessively flooded with ads yet, and this further enhances its “out-of-reality” image – I almost feel liberated from the ads that bombard me online and that gives so much peace of mind when the days are bad. Hopefully Pinterest will continue to be unpolluted for a little longer. And if you haven’t already hopped into this, I think this is a worthy try!

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