it’s all about the chemistry

I’m not sure if this happens for all of you, but I am always very grateful to meet people who understand even when few words are exchanged. No, I am not a fool for politeness and I often find, in my cynical nature, a distaste towards the strange concept of positivism that I could never quite comprehend. I can distinguish between social polite conversation, hypocrisy, and genuine concern. What I refer to here, is the meeting with people you can click with – even if you’ve met only briefly.

Lets not go all pedantic about language, but I’ve recently started to see the difference between those I feel are reliable vs dependable. It might be common for many of us, or sometimes you just don’t think twice about it. I do, however, and I realised this – logically speaking, someone who delivers his promises consistently across many occasions of collaboration should be considered a reliable person, but something in the skeptical self questions if you can always trust this “reliability”. Conversely there are some that you meet, and unknowingly your mind is conditioned to trust that you can depend on them. In similar light, this person will deliver as promised, but even before you can prove it, you naturally feel at ease and foresees that even when crises arise, they will resolve the issues. This is, dependability.

Such thoughts arose  recently when I continued to meet new people. I noticed how I had this inherent trust for some people I might never have met, and after meeting, realise that we clicked far better than imagined. Instinctively, I had faith that things were certain and nothing could go wrong – and even if it did, they can be trusted to help fix the problems. I recall how I’d met some interesting characters at the start of the year and how we managed to coordinate our actions and thoughts so well together that everything seemed to work out perfectly even at crunch time. I thought about the individual who had agreed to a last-minute request with only a brief verbal acknowledgement, then delivered on the promise beyond what I’d expected. I then think about how just a week ago I’d encountered yet another character who was amazingly different from my impression but we turned out to be highly aligned in various aspects.

This isn’t just about gut feeling. This is about finding security, certainty and someone dependable amidst a highly cluttered, complex and competitive lifestyle. We aren’t always lucky enough to meet the right people. When you do, please remember to treasure it – turn back and give a shout out, keep in touch as much as you can, because it is this very unique set of people that will touch your life, change and shape it. When everything seems to fall apart, they might just be the ones who understand and be there for you.

One more thing to be appreciative of now.

3 thoughts on “it’s all about the chemistry

  1. I always find it rather odd, how I am interacting differently with some ppl that i meet for the first time, and not the same with others. It makes me think, is it something related to fate? Is it some kind of an opportunity being represented? Or are we just observing some kind of a pattern that we can relate, which makes us see a connection, a similarity, a relation of sort… sometimes I wish I knew, and sometimes, I wish I don’t… for its the mystery that makes it more intriguing.

    Best wishes 🙂

    • Interesting isn’t it. I’m quite the believer that maybe it’s fate, or maybe we just connect better with people that appear to be like us. There must be some psychology/sociology explanation behind it but I haven’t quite put a word to it and am trying to comprehend too. Thanks for dropping by!

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