writing is a sport that requires discipline

I am not a professional writer like many here, but I like to write. It gives space for expression, creativity and it makes you think. Most importantly, it demands discipline. This is one reason why I started using an online space to write.

Do you remember the days in school when mid-semester project reports and essays were due? I heard tons of people groaning about how they had to come up with 3000-5000 words. I couldn’t help but wonder why. I loved writing essays. I thoroughly enjoyed this very one course that we had to contribute actively and consistently to an online forum, discussing various history themes. Wasn’t it wonderful to be able to write, express your thoughts and debate on several topics a day? Doesn’t it make life more meaningful? I berate my life for the lack of interesting issues to write about. I enjoy the thought process we go through as we’re presented with new challenges – think about the good, the bad, more problems, more solutions and a million contingencies to counter any potential issues. Writing in itself allows you to share your point of view and perspectives, and deliberate the situation from many different angles.

But that is not all. Writing requires discipline – this isn’t only about writing regularly (I fail to do so, unfortunately). This is about checking what you write diligently. It is about picking up the right words to use, spell-check, grammar-check and more. I have been so exhausted lately I was appalled by the little (fortunately non-consequential) mistakes I had made in my written pieces at work. This got me thinking about the individuals out here who write books – spinning beautiful sentences, creating a new world of scenarios and most importantly proofreading their work. I couldn’t do that – it’s like a sport, like an exercise that so many of us wouldn’t have had the discipline to persevere.

I decided to take a day off from work to re-connect with life.  And here I find peaceful solitude in writing. I’ll try to keep up to it – in learning to write more, I learn to be disciplined.


2 thoughts on “writing is a sport that requires discipline

  1. I’m a firm believer that writing is something you just do. It isn’t about doing it correctly, but rather following your instincts until you find your groove. It takes persistence and drive because it must be done every day . . . even when you don’t feel like it. 🙂

    • Indeed, I’ve been thinking and I’m getting a little addicted to it. I get upset when I’m so bogged down by long hours of work and I’m to exhausted to think or write sensibly. But I’ll be trying to persevere and as I might’ve mentioned, even if it’s not a great story, it’s a great discipline that comes with writing! I’m in the midst of cleaning up a short story and I’ll be putting it up soon after! 🙂

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