Story: Around the Corner – sub-episode

He looked out of the bay window at the strange city that had engulfed him. One too many glasses of wine, he thought, as he recalled her sleek beautiful fingers tapping to the tune of Careless Whisper.

She jumped out of bed, flustered as she looked at the clock. She sped to the washroom and emerged in a chestnut brown dress, turning in a delightful half-circle as she inspected her appearance before the full-length mirror. Her eyes sparkled in satisfaction and she smiled – a rare smile.

He nodded in silent approval and with considerations of compatibility, slipped on a dark brown suit. He took another sip of the coffee that had now turned cold and adjusted his tie. Checking his suitcase for the necessary contents and picking up the traditional umbrella in view of the foreboding dark skies, he turned to look at her once more. All ready to start off the week on this chilly Monday morning, she stepped out of the house.

He stood still by his window, gazing at her now-empty bedroom opposite his, right across the street, a convenient spot where he had been watching her for the past week. Every meeting had been a set-up, and this start of the week would be the end of her existence. Previous trials had honed his skills of gauging time and distance, and it all boiled down to the execution. He spotted her exiting the lobby of her apartment and with sharp precision and a keen eye for detail, he walked out of his room just minutes after she left hers.

Destination: the corner.


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