type, backspace, type, backspace – classic case of over-thinking

Have you had those days when you typed paragraphs, only to unmercifully hit the backspace?

I’m going through this right now. And this post is born as a result of my restless fingers failing to practise restraint. A strong urge to write, craft and send an email that is probably better off left in the trash bin.

This isn’t so much about writing the right things, even less about inspiration. Leaning on the verge of negative consequentialism, this is about “doing what will bring about the least negative results”. This is also about over-thinking – quoting a pin I saw on Pinterest, this is what “Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything worse than it actually is”.

In all rationality, I doubt anyone has time to think in strange complexities just to complicate matters. I have also been trying to figure out how to stop “over-thinking” about the “negative outcome” that might occur from a practically non-consequential action. Yet no amount of reassurance can convince that things won’t be as bad as I imagine. Is this the classic case of pessimism? Or again, edging the thin line of cynicism?

For now, I’ll feel safer if I bind my fingers and refrain from typing what resides deep in the mind.

Scenario: An acquaintance randomly sends to you a compilation of information related to something that you had only mentioned once in a conversation dating back to aeons ago – would you be perturbed by the sudden note, suspicious of motives, grateful for the information, etc? I know reactions vary by individuals, circumstances, culture etc, but please tell me how you might feel about this?



9 thoughts on “type, backspace, type, backspace – classic case of over-thinking

  1. I think my reaction to something like this would depend on a few things. Was the info sent to you helpful or insulting? Is this person generally positive and supportive or negative and malicious? Was it the fact that she waited so long to reach out with the info that makes it seem disingenuous? Sometimes I tend to want to react quickly but waitng a few days to respond can help a lot. Or no response at all can be powerful too.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta let that stuff fly out without considering the delete button. It doesn’t have to see the light of day, but it might lead to something else. A long time ago, I made sure free-writing was part of my process. My delete button is now used far less often and my muse loves the freedom. 🙂

    • Good point, it doesn’t have to see the light of day – I’m so used to writing/typing thoughts/words/whatever works, then leaving them somewhere in a notes page, drafts folder etc. I’ll work on this and hopefully the situation improves on my end. Thanks!

  3. If they were sending me information about rehab or bad breath, I’d be perturbed. If they bestowed me with information on Hawaii or something else I was passionate about, I’d feel warm and welcoming and appreciative even. I over think just about every thing as well. I put it down to trying to work out complicated problems at work but I find I grasp the complicated much easier than simple things. My ex thought I did it on purpose lol As for the writing, be the sculptor and get it all out on “paper” then craft it? My two cents for what it’s worth! Good luck with it though. I can’t write if I censor myself too much in the beginning.

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