some day out of the blue

Ever had this one song that you listen to, over and over again, because every word in the lyrics seem to speak your mind?

This brilliantly-composed song touches the heart at every stage of life – people change, desires evolve, yet every word resonates with my feelings. A little melancholic but also hinting a slight tinge of hope. As the title says it all – “Some Day Out of the Blue”.

Again, without connections to the El Dorado storyline or animation (which I had enjoyed tremendously), technical discussion of music (again, which I regrettably failed to keep up with after attaining my music degree) or fan-fare for any individual, I look at this wonderful song as a layman. Due respect, I believe, should be given to a song that tells a great story.

So little is known, yet so much can be expected from the uncertainties of life. It really doesn’t matter when, where or how – there’s always someone we think of, someone we connect with miraculously, someone we care dearly for. And “someday out of the blue, in a crowded street or a deserted square, I’ll turn and I’ll see you”.

Sometimes people come and go. Sometimes, only memories stay. Mid-nights are always entitled to endless recollections of the past as I allow the past to re-visit as night falls.  “Here comes the night, here come the memories”.
I think of the people: How did I connect with this very person that I should never have known if not for a strange twist of fate? When was it that we last met and how have things changed in life? It all happened, “Not so long ago, seems like eternity”.
I think of the choices: What might have influenced me to make the choices that made me who I am today? Would it have been different? Hypothetical permutations of life don’t work well with me, given the millions of alternatives one could imagine on hindsight, and I do not purport that life will be better if I had not made the choices I have. But this doesn’t stop me thinking about my preferences and decisions. “We had it all, and watched it slip away. Where are we now? Not where we want to be”.
And since the past is set in stone, what more can we do?
I think of the future: What is lost might not be lost forever. I believe in the transience of life; people and opportunities come and go, sometimes, they come back. What is meant to be, will be. And just maybe, “Some day out of the blue, maybe years from now or tomorrow night, I’ll turn and I’ll see you, As if we always knew, Some day we would live again, some day soon”.

Some day, somewhere, somehow – something will change for the better – maybe in the future, maybe as you take your next step out of the door. As I think about the next steps in life, I guess this is what I have to share – Believe, and make the dream a reality.

What might your song be?

2 thoughts on “some day out of the blue

  1. I think my song would be, “I Say A Little Prayer For You” by Aretha Franklin. First heard the song when I was 10, and that song holds so much meaning for me. That song taught me about the power of prayers, and in whatever situation that we’re in (even when others treat me pretty badly), we should always make prayer for that person in hopes that they will turn out to be a better person. Not always an easy task when you’re up neck in deep and close to perhaps murdering them, but at least it calms my soul a little. 🙂 By the way, interesting post you’ve got here!

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