Thanks for Writing award

Here’s a big thank you to Luciano Cavallaro, author of Eternal Atlantis for passing the award my way. I haven’t heard of this but it’s all good fun to share!
To spread the appreciation along, (bending the rules a little), I’ll like to nominate some wonderful people around here and just as the award says, thanks for writing!

C.B. Wentworth – one of the few blogs that you can keep going back to and you’ll find all kinds of meaningful things to read about!

Lolabees – someone I met through another blog’s comments and there I found lots of inspirational stuff on her blog 🙂

Waldotomosky – because he writes with a heart to let us learn more about the ‘forgotten’, to share knowledge and information about those we have oftentimes unwittingly neglected.

ladyfi – for the wonderful pictures and inspirational words. On top of the beautiful photos, I was enlightened by a recent post about rainbows and I trust you will to – do drop by when you can!

A few rules:

  • Display the Award in your page
  • Award them to your favorite commentators
  • Ask them to forward it to their favorite commentators (please do pass it forward!)
  • And don’t forget to link their page to their names

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