what are you doing this summer?

It is summer and everything’s supposed to be bright and cheery but this doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve been trying to contain the unhappiness but again, it doesn’t work! I forbid the surge of negativity to present itself here and I shall hence strictly refrain from writing about it.

I was wondering what to do this month if I can’t go on a holiday – I’ve seen interesting posts about travels, cooking, photography, hiking etc. None of which I can do this time though. I thought about taking photos, but I’m not heading anyway and I still live in a concrete jungle. I haven’t had time to try cooking up new dishes and I haven’t thought about what I should do every other evening.

Kindly share some thoughts with me if you don’t mind – what are you doing this summer?


4 thoughts on “what are you doing this summer?

  1. I really like photography too 🙂 Sometimes I also draw things – I often don’t have any plans what to draw but I just get out a sheet of paper and just draw whatever comes out – sometimes it’s really interesting to see the results!

    • Great idea Wendy! I’e been thinking of drawing too but I’m not really good at it and I often don’t get the results I want. I’ll do that again this time, hopefully with better outcome! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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