Story: Desolate

He stared hard at the celebrations with a tight smile. Cheers and excitement engulfed his lone figure. Every action was scrutinized – a positive reaction was taken for granted; a negative one highly reprimanded. They stood before him and inadvertently requested a word of congratulation, ignorant to his agony. Or maybe, nobody cared.

He delivered it dutifully as would have been expected. He turned away, with the smile masking a budding frown. He rubbed his wrists gingerly as memories of the past conjured in his mind.

This quiet, reserved and at times insecure man took on the role of a confident, arrogant and outspoken individual.
This hardworking, intelligent and sincere man was ordered to suppress his talents and adopt an inept, grouchy and unkind personality.
The image perpetuated; reality and perceptions blurred. They soon forgot who he truly was. The truth unveiled in moments of silence. But maybe, nobody cared.

The festive music played on. Happy faces cramped every inch of his breathing space, ruthlessly strangling the slightest hint of his misery. He slipped away from the crowd. He would soon fade away, unbeknownst to many. Just maybe, nobody cared.


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