Story: Insecurity

Frostbites from the cold
Can’t rip the heart like harsh words
From a confidant

There wasn’t a reason to laugh; it was betrayal concealed in a joke. He paced the checkered floor with irrational steps, detached from the merry crowd and looking on with arms crossed before his chest. This was unquestionably a surly defensive stance.
Or, a little self-hug for reassurance.

Creating negligible barriers between his heart and the world, he held these futile hopes that the pain would reduce, even if just a little. He laughed in unison with the crew and tapped his sideburns lightly. Vain and arrogant, they remarked.
Or, a little uncertain about the situation.

Jealous of the harmony, battered by the mockery – he finally spoke.
Humiliation knew no boundaries – they laughed.
He fidgeted, stepped forward and assumed the role of the unforgiving authoritarian. Rude, competitive and unreasonable, they exclaimed.
Or, a little doubtful of the relations.

The chills of winter bit mercilessly at his arms and tore through his chest.
Sometimes it’s all a matter of perception. One sees arrogance, the other sees through the facade and straight into his misery. More often than not, we neglect the underlying reasons behind these visible actions. And no-one knows the truth, maybe, not even him.

One thought on “Story: Insecurity

  1. Wonderfully expressed, especially the contrasting last line in each stanza. Non verbal cues can be misunderstood and I love the poignant lines.

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