why the customer experience matters

I’ve veered off my blogging schedule for way too long – it’s irregular, I’m writing on diverse topics that pop like wild mushrooms from the ground and I’m now back with more randomness.

I came across a very interesting write-up on Mashable today about marketing vodka – Is This What it Takes to Market Vodka? Pitchmen Pose as Window Washers  – the video can also be found on YouTube.

This isn’t a plug for the brand and I’m not promoting alcoholism or anything of that sort. I’m marvelling at the creativity of the approach Ultimat Vodka has taken.

Sometimes it isn’t only about the product; it’s about appealing to what really matters. I saw the video and smiled. We all get lost clocking endless hours at work and it soon becomes a norm. Then someone comes by your window and reminds you to take a break, one that you deserve! A simple message like such can bring cheers to an office. This was followed by the opportunity to grab a drink with the same guy by your window after work! What an experience for a day!

Unquestionably this simple activity, put on Youtube, becomes viral and a two-hour affair is spread globally. In terms of marketing ROI, this is probably a good shot.

What matters though, is the unparalleled memory you would’ve created for your potential consumers – I for one, remember the brands that brought smiles to my days, and I would be happy to recommend them anytime.  


2 thoughts on “why the customer experience matters

  1. Without a doubt I had the same reaction to that video. Brilliant! They touched on values that would strike a cord with people, and that’s why it worked. I find it interesting that they would name the vodka Ultimat– seems like a copycat of Absolut, another brilliantly marketed vodka. In fact, I think Absolut tastes awful.

    • Hi there! Clever marketing tactic, wasn’t it? Always good to know that the brand remembers what matters. 🙂 I had the same thoughts about Ultimat vs Absolut. I googled for Ultimat right after seeing the video though.

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