Russia VI: St Petersburg – Peter & Paul Fortress, Russia

Much of Russia’s great architecture was built with Peter the Great’s involvement. This was no exception – the Peter & Paul Fortress in St Petersburg, Russia. The fortress was founded and established by Peter the Great as a protective barrier against Swedish attacks. It also acted as a prison ground for dissidents of the regime. As St Petersburg was the traditional capital of Russia, the fortress is also the burial grounds to several Tsars. The remains are housed within the tall structure none other than the Peter & Paul Cathedral. This old stone Orthodox Church with a golden spire reaches into the skies with an angel holding a cross. As with the significance of bells in Russia, the Cathedral also boasts the world’s tallest Orthodox bell tower at 122metres. Some argue that the zvonnitsa (or bell tower) stands with the Cathedral, hence the Peter & Paul Cathedral should be regarded as the tallest Orthodox Church. Others regard the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow as the tallest Orthodox Church (103metres). Either ways, take a look at the photos and I would encourage all to take a physically-visit Russia to judge for yourselves!

I’ll next share about St Issac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral etc and with Peter the Great taking the centre-stage of most establishments, I’ll like to spend a short time comparing some of his statues. Stay tuned! 🙂


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