decisions, decisions

I feel guilty for not keeping up with my writing. My energy is ebbing away. Progress is abysmal. Success is remote. Freedom is sacrosanct.

How negative.

Every step I took over the past ten days has brought with it myriad questions that I haven’t been able to answer satisfactorily.

Do you pursue your dreams or stay awake in reality?
What do you do to make the dream a reality?
What if your pursuit proves the dream to be a nightmare?

What happens then, when you wake from the nightmare?
Would you question yourself for taking the nap?
What happens now that you’ve awoken – Can you resume your pre-nap activities?

Social norms govern. Everyone judges. Money matters.
I believe in ideas. I value experiences. I enjoy creation.
But I am rational. Pragmatic. Fearful. Uncertain.
I don’t wish to disappoint those who mattered, cared and helped. Should this even be considered?
I am merely me – judged, governed, and paying my bills.

Decisions, decisions.


10 thoughts on “decisions, decisions

  1. I believe there will again come a time when that which is inside you will want to burst out of you and it will come in such a rush that you may have a tough time keeping up with it. In the meantime, perhaps your subconscious is getting everything in order for that day to arrive fairly soon. Good luck!


      • I guess, I’m guessing, I dare to guess, that is what this creating a heaven on earth, she shift, the rapture, end of the world may be. When the trend reaches tipping point and just floods in that direction.
        ask almost anyone, what they want to be doing. Answer is usually. Help People. I wantt to help these people or animals or nature or art or whatever, in this way, or sorta this way…
        I’m stuck making a living….But it’s not working out….work, make a living, drudgery…Were is the third option.?
        Maybe that is the manifestation of each individuals version of heaven, right here. I’m sure some versions may include harps.
        It’s the way we see things and think about them, the value we place, where.
        We all shift from money as currency to people, quality of life, as currency…as the most valuable, seems eminent. Everyone seems to just want to serve. But system hasn’t yet upgraded. It’s unimaginable…like smart phones a few years ago. A system upgrade does change things in a minute. I know, not that simple, just thinking with my fingers. Thanks for the prompt!

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