my ideal is better than your ideal

Don’t we often think so?

Somewhere I’d read that we shouldn’t give advice, or take advice, because it all comes irresponsibly. We give advice based on our principles, but who is to judge that our beliefs are better than others?

I’m taking a jump out of my comfort zone in a few weeks’ time, even before I ascertain the distance to the ground, and I’ve heard so much from so many places.

Why do you make such a decision?
How do you know this is a better choice?
Will it be good for you?

I honestly don’t know.
I’ve only recently figured with some help that I am my biggest enemy. And, I need a clearer goal.

I cast the greatest amount of doubts on myself – capability, knowledge, decisions alike. I motivate myself to choose, then berate the decision. I conditioned my mind to believe what I like, then played devil’s advocate on that belief.

A horrendous experience that we all go through, especially if you’re a classic over-thinker.

But if the world chooses to behave as such, then so be it – I shall hold firm too that “my ideal is better than your ideal”. With determination, faith and a goal, I trust we’ll emerge successful, whatever the decision is (or was). Or at least, I hope I will. 😉


8 thoughts on “my ideal is better than your ideal

  1. I could be wrong… but I think I know what this jump is about???

    I try really hard not to give advice now– after having been on the receiving end a few times and having found myself more than irritated by it. Every once in a while, I’ll add my 2 cents when asked on a blog, but I figure they’re asking, so I get to show how smart I am 😉

    I know I’m guilty of this self-abuse. Why do we do this to ourselves? Would talk that way to a friend or a stranger? We’re often more supportive of everyone other than ourselves. And then those questions from others don’t help when we are doubting ourselves. I’ve gotten quite a bit of that with some of the changes I’ve made in my life recently. Now I just try to laugh at it, but sometimes it does strike a nerve and send me spiraling!

    Anyway, whatever this change is, I’m sure it’s the right thing for you, and you’ll be happy you did it.

    • Thanks dear! 🙂 Yes you know what it is – and I’m still bouncing between the two extremes, but it’ll sort itself out along the way! I’ll make sure I get it sorted anyhow! And you’re right – we tend to beat ourselves up more than others, but that’s just to make sure we keep a goal in mind too. I hope things are sorted on your end!

    • My dear friend, I chanced upon our old conversation and realised I’d promised to give you an update but have yet to do so! I’ve moved off from my previous role to a media-related job 🙂 So here’s hoping it all turns out well!

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