inspiration from a doodle

As a usual habit I hopped onto Google to check out the cool Doodle for the day. I clicked on these pictures that appeared like children’s toys, which directed me to “Maria Montessori”. Pardon my ignorance – I didn’t know that the Montessori Method was conceived by a woman! Already fascinated, I’ll admit that I was also superficial and drawn in by the intriguing black & white images of a stern-faced woman who was featured on the Doodles.

Back to the story – I popped by Wiki to have a brief read of Maria Montessori’s background – how inspirational! According to Wiki, Maria decided to take on a medical course despite her certificate in physics, and I quote she had decided to study medicine instead, an even more unlikely pursuit given cultural norms at the time”. It was also suggested that she faced much difficulties in getting enrolled to study medicine and during her course of study, in part due to her gender.

I was speechless upon reading that; I couldn’t mask the awe I felt. Her determination moves me. One might never imagine her perseverance in pursuing her dreams, overcoming challenges of gender inequality and obstacles to her practical experiments, later even pursuing a next degree which contributed to her pedagogic work. She eventually re-focused her commitments to field of educational studies.

I then began to wonder about the course of activities in Montessori’s life: Had she intended to reach such a goal, or was this outcome shaped along with time and experience? Did she find the right area to demonstrate her tenacity or did the environment require her to be iron-willed like such? Did she ever, for once, doubted her decisions and if she did, what had she done to resolve them?

Part of me longs to have such achievements in future, in a different arena, but it seems so distant it’s almost unattainable. Or, I haven’t done enough to make that happen. If you have some answers to the above, feel free to share them!


5 thoughts on “inspiration from a doodle

  1. I don’t have many answers per se, but I can say that all through my teen years I remember having this goal in mind that I would have a “perfect” life by the age of 25, meaning I would be happy, content with myself, and working a dream job. It was such a random and arbitrary goal and it’s silly that I thought 25 years was enough to fulfill my potential as a human being.

    When 25 rolled around and I was FAR from anything I had imagined, out of panic and disappointment I changed that magic age to 30, as if five more years would do the trick, haha. Again, 30 rolled around and not only had I not attained this “perfect life”, but I realized it was quite a childish idea in the first place.

    I wish someone had convinced me back in the day that life has very little to do with meeting imaginary expectations and everything to do with rolling with the punches. The human experience is more adaptation that anything else, and there’s a beauty in that. Being open to the paths around you can lead to more interesting things than anything you could’ve dreamed up or planned for.

    I think that’s what many successful people know deep inside, including Madame Montessori. I wouldn’t mind getting there one day myself!

    • Thanks for dropping by, and yes that’s a new lesson to me really. I used to have a very defined path I take, but all of a sudden it’s falling apart. I’m learning these days – being open to all kinds of roles, because I don’t see myself reaching that “goal” I’d intended to reach at 25, 30, 35 … Ok maybe not; I’ll still have to give it a best shot to reach where I want to be! 🙂 And, you too, I’m sure you’ll get there!

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