Story: the video-editor

The man gazed listlessly into the emptiness as he placed the CD into its player. Dead silence. He paced around, apparently typing on a mobile phone – it had not been turned on. He looked longingly, as if awaiting a response, his fingers running fervently across the screen. He paused, and dropped the phone, forlorn. Silence resumed.

The woman stared intensely at the table. She sat, pondering, at a desk with a music playlist evident on her laptop. Dead silence. She flipped what appeared to be a photo album – there were no pictures within. She raised her head to face the window, as if thinking of the past, her fingers drawing circles on the table top. She paused, and closed the book. Silence resumed.

He shook his head and smiled helplessly.
Snip. Cut. Edit. Split. 
He pulled the audio from “Somewhere Down the Road” by Barry Manilow. Drag. Insert.
He layered the scenes and added a cross-fade. Transition. Filter. 

The man gazed listlessly into the emptiness as a song played in the background. Cross-fade – the woman, too, was at her desk deep in thoughts, both seemingly listening to “Somewhere Down the Road”. The man paced around typing – zoom in closer – a note of love to a profile that seemed to represent a face of the woman on his mobile phone. Pan and focus – his eyes flickered as he looked longingly. He paused, deciding not to send the message, and dropped the phone. Almost concurrently, the woman was flipping a book – zoom in closer –  an album of old couple photos that showed a face highly similar to the man’s. Light filters applied – she raised her head as a beam of moonlight illuminated her face. Pondering, she paused, and closed the book.
The song played on.

He smiled in satisfaction, nodding in approval.
Creation of love out of nothing, hatred out of indifference, memories out of unfamiliarity, relationships out of air – The power of the video-editor.


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