major commitment issues, maybe?

I’m starting to suspect that I have commitment issues, or mild attention deficit. I have many interests, but few are sustained. I get back to it, then again, as quickly as I forget about it. Some things stick with me – and I realise those are the things that matter so much I couldn’t do without. I cannot keep to a regular blogging schedule, I don’t seem to be able to stick with my original plans very well, and I over-think (as established several posts earlier). I feel that there’s so much I’ll love to do but time is never on my side. I began to write a list of what I need to accomplish each day, starting yesterday, and I shall see how this practice lasts! I hope it’s not the case of “tying a knot on my finger as a reminder for something important yet forgetting why I tied the knot”! I shall have to sort this out over the next few weeks – my next step forward, where I’m headed, what the better option might be, and how I’ll place my bets.

I’ll be back – maybe in 1-2 weeks’ time with some other stories! This time we’ll take a break from Russia and talk a little about somewhere in Asia! 😉 Catch up soon, folks!


4 thoughts on “major commitment issues, maybe?

  1. RR, I think I have the same problem. I have done this with many interests of mine. I think my problem is “follow through.” I even started a new feature on my blog a month or 2 ago. In my mind I wanted to to post it weekly, but I knew not to hold myself to such deadlines. As was expected, I only wrote on the topic once! *Sigh*

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