Story: the listener

She stepped up on the front stage, the hazel plunging tail dress ever so elegant, so refined.
Thousands of unfamiliar faces bustled before her eyes.
She smiled, gently, like she had seen an old friend among them.
Her lips parted; a melodious voice began to charm the audience.

He peeked out from the backstage curtains, eyeing the outline of a beautiful dress that served only to enhance the tasteful sophistication inherent in this woman; so confident yet humble.
As the crowd hurried to settle down, the music began.
A beautiful sound drifted from her lips; like a spell, it captivated him. His eyes closed and a smile grew on his blissful face.The world spun; faces zipped by; memories resurfaced. No amount of squeals from the audience could wake him from the enchantment. He was possessed; she was all he could hear – every word, pitch and tone told a story that only one who listened with his heart could grasp. Tears gently rolled.

The music stopped. Claps thundered through the enclosed space.
He waited for the next verse to begin – a willing party of a hypnotism he had wished would last forever.


9 thoughts on “Story: the listener

    • Thank you ladyfi, an honor to have you say that! I’ll keep trying! And please keep posting those wonderful photos!

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