seeking peace by the waterfront

Life hasn’t been so relaxing for a long time, until I took off to Melbourne and visited the Docklands, situated a little beyond the current CBD.

I sat for some time by the waterfront, thinking about how a coffee, pie and free time to read a book was such a luxury during my usual day back at home; I was wondering too how Man’s needs for development will result in diminishing natural environment, sparked by knowledge of plans to develop and include the docklands into the CBD, henceforth doubling the business district’s size.

Either ways, I stayed around to take in the views of Victoria Harbour and the nearby Etihad Stadium, reflecting about life, and the path ahead. Maybe some day I’ll own a catamaran and set off to sea in search of new adventures. Or I’ll get an apartment by the docks, take these leisurely strolls by the bay with a coffee or two and sketch/write. Or maybe, nothing will change…

It took me quite some time to snap out of that reverie, and it was time to grab a bite. I’ll recommend Squires Loft Steakhouse where I’d enjoyed a wonderful eye fillet.

We’ll leave the thoughts for another day. Who knows what the future might bring?

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