sights of Melbourne from trams

Back into the city of Melbourne you’ll find so much to explore. An iconic landmark would be the Flinders Street Station, a yellow building with a dome that was the first railway station of Australia.

Just opposite Flinders Street Station is the Federation Square where a vibrant arts and cultural scene draws you in – lots of cafes, performances and galleries stand around the area. If you can’t find your way around the city, heading back to Federation Square will get your directions back in place. You’ll find most trams and buses taking off from this area too. Melbourne has a free City-Circle Tram, used by both locals and visitors, and they have kindly provided commentary on the tram as well.

Melbourne prides itself for the preservation of trams and hence its large number of left-hook turns – the CBD has 19 hook turn intersections and counting! I like that traditional rickety trams are still in place despite the developments of the city, and more uniquely, Melbourne offers a unique experience on The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant – where you get some fine dining on a public transport! You’ve probably tried eating on a plane, in a train, but definitely not around the city in a public transport? It was a wonderful experience and great way to see the city, a bunch of fun waitstaff and mouthwatering food. Just remember to book in advance; it’s popular and synonymous to having to book your plane tickets 🙂

Here’s an interesting fun fact: a friend in Melbourne told me to check out the “ugliest tourist attraction” i.e. Federation Square when I went around to catch a tram or bus. I’ll leave you to judge! How do you think this looks?


7 thoughts on “sights of Melbourne from trams

  1. It’s an interesting corner to stand on. You have the wondeful facade of the Flinders St station on one corner, ‘modernistic’ Federation Square on another with a beautiful church on a third. Talk about 4 seasons in one day, this corner definately shows you 3 styles while standing on one spot:-)

    • Indeed! The church stands right behind me and it’s beautiful! And the country offers 4 seasons in a day too – chilly in the morning, bright and sunny in the early afternoon, strong winds and rain some time after and back to the chills at night. Amazing! And thanks for coming by!

  2. The new building looks somewhat drab because it is gray…I like old, historic buildings in most places. But for some reason in Asian places such as Shanghai and Tokyo, I really more contemporary buildings.

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