one of those days

Yet another one of those days, when the mind and heart start their squabble. One of those days when words can’t seem to say what is wrong.

I’d once walked on the road I know. Only to jump off the cliff into an unfamiliar land.
It is a struggle to start afresh and tread on unknown territory.
Some days you wonder if this was the right choice.
Some days you think there can be no better option than this.
Some days you question if this was ever what you’d wanted.
Some days you ask why you’ll bother to think.

It was a challenge that I chose to embark upon. There’s so much to learn, so much to do, so much to think about. Writing has become a greater challenge than it originally was. At times the mind wishes to take the lead; at times the heart does so. But all the time, a truck-load of troubles to confuse practicality with desires.

Maybe when the future becomes the past, I’ll look back to realise that all these didn’t matter.


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