Story: Spellbound

His admirers inadvertently swarmed around him to form a fortification against her watchful eyes. He fluttered within a spinning wheel of flailing hands and symphony of swooning. Unblinking, she took in every move and gesture with micro-precision. Every intimate mention of his name within the clamour made her wince in inexplicable inquietude.

Just a day ago she had imagined a state of certainty; within the span of hours, all her thoughts have been thrown into disarray. Why had she assumed that he was reliable after only two brief meetings? How did she come to a conclusion that he would’ve been the ideal confidant? Had she over-estimated her worth or under-estimated his frivolous charms?

A gush of sourness swelled at the end of her nose as she shook her head. She had fallen for the very same dazzling face and suave demeanour that they all had; convinced by the glib comments he had proffered. As she turned away resolutely, their eyes met. Any attempt to excogitate were foiled, as the flash of a smile and wink put her under his spell, all over again…
There appears to be a severe lack of system or schedule in my posts – midway of recounting my visit to Melbourne, I’d been inspired to write a short story, complain about life, document my observations … Nonetheless, thank you all who come back despite the disorder!

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