seaside towns: Mornington Peninsula

Leaving the bustling city life and entering the coastal towns at Mornington Peninsula, I decided to take a horse-ride through the countryside!

So much for exercising, I stopped at Sorrento village right after to indulge in the local culinary delights! Sorrento is lined with limestone buildings that are bursting with art, culture and gourmet food. I stopped by Hotel Sorrento for lunch and I must say it offers a great combination of very tasty food and best sea views around! Sit back and relax to enjoy the wines of the region, then take a short walk off towards the port!

If you’re at Mornington Peninsula on a weekend, I would suggest to drop by Red Hill Cheese, an artisan cheesery that offers home cheese-making workshops – only for the serious cheese-lovers.

That’s not all I did at Mornington … check out the next post! 🙂


2 thoughts on “seaside towns: Mornington Peninsula

  1. Looks lovely! Is there a good beach there? I see the ocean with lots of waves! I would love to have house there, just off the cost like that, so that I could listen to the waves at night and fall asleep to them instead of my fan!

    • Absolutely, it’s good a wonderful beach especially in summer! I’ll love to have a house there too! Something like a summer home would be good. I live in the city and a good natural view is such a rarity!

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