Story: Inspiration

He obligingly accedes to the twenty-third request for his presence at a gala event. They want him to speak. They’ll like him to dance. They prefer if he makes a comedic appearance. All of which, he had agreed to.

Years of hard work have brought him to where he is today. Days spent on preparations; months kept away from his family; countless failures stacked on the list despite his effort. Had he been a little more calculating, nothing of today’s success would befall.

Yet nothing has changed after the declaration of his accomplishments. He graced every event he was invited to and helped on any occasion where he could spare time; just as he had joined them as a time-filler twenty years ago. He supported those who required his assistance, because he had once been fortunate to meet a worthy coach who had advanced his career.

With a combination of luck and perseverance, this man stands today as an inspiration for those who choose to pursue their dreams. Because every aspiration takes time to achieve – the ability to grin and bear the hardships today, will lead you to a brighter future.

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