a spectacle on spectacles

Remember some time ago I’d mentioned about “the bug list”?
I think it is coming to good use.

I notice a rising trend of distaste towards the need to wear spectacles; women find the need to put on glasses uncool, of which would taint their image of perfection. One after another they fall like dominoes, submitting to such beliefs that the evils of the glasses overwhelm any form of natural beauty they might possess.

I couldn’t comprehend this mentality, but I realized how it has affected my perspectives as well. Years back, I had an eye injury that disallowed further use of contact lenses. I eventually learnt how spectacles could be a form of accessories as well, instead of what many deem a burden or flaw. Recently, it also donned upon me that I have been living with a luxury good – a pair of spectacles could be worth a year’s salary at less-privileged areas.

This got me thinking that it is time to make a difference. I have two aims: (i) change behavior/beliefs, (ii) help the less-privileged. People need to know that they look good in their spectacles; but folks who don’t like their glasses or who no longer need it, for whatever reason, should give it up to those who might need it.

I am not jumping into this as part of a rash decision or extreme boredom; rather, I wish to start small and see what little steps we can take to translate a complaint into something useful. I’ll do my due research prior to making any forms of commitments, but help me out, everyone! Please tell me your thoughts on having to wear glasses!


2 thoughts on “a spectacle on spectacles

  1. I started wearing glasses for reading and due to so much work on the computer. I actually don’t mind wearing them but am concerned with the dependency my eyes now need! Besides, there are some classy looking glasses now!

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