why do I seem to have lost the ability to write?

Unfortunately, after typing the title, I felt like there was nothing more to say.

The year doesn’t seem to have started well. I am disinclined to write despite wishing to create a new piece. I am looking forward to coming up with new illustrations but have yet to find time. I’ve been losing sleep all over again; ideas slip the mind before they form.

Hoping some coffee and books will bring the inspiration back soon!



8 thoughts on “why do I seem to have lost the ability to write?

  1. Don’t worry! Before you even know it – there it is! Something interesting to tell us. As long as you’re not bloging for a living – you really don’t have to write anything. If you feel you do – then maybe it’s time to give the keys a rest, take a step back and get a new perspective on things.

    Happy bloging! Read you soon!

  2. It’s a perfect solution. I’ve just started reading again, as I hadn’t read in months. Too much going on. Maybe its like anything, getting away from a problem helps to find its solution. Good luck in your seeking.

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