Story: Valentine’s No More

She listened to every word he whispered, so gently reminiscing the past that had yet to fade away. In a melodious ballad, he recounted the memories and fears that had surfaced over time. Every step had been a battle –  age, income, career – any possible demographic became a source of attack. But they had overcome the onslaught without once retreating from the verbal assaults. The lingering smile unwittingly revealed her inability to forget.

But it all came to an abrupt end. She raised her head to face that otiose empty photo-frame standing barren, glaring at her in cold mockery. He is the past. Their story now only existed within the lyrics of a song; his voice only audible through the mechanical device. Ironically nothing could last forever, but their memory had been eternalised within a choice of words. She pressed her ears against the speakers once more, imperceptibly taking in the last notes of the sorrowful tune, before flicking the switch.


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