Story: Day in the life of the forgotten

Every morning a flock of people dash towards the bus stop. They chatter and laugh as they race to find an empty spot to continue their meaningless conversations. In that process, I am invisible to them. They weave by with indifference; they step, trip and kick without a word of apology.

How did this happen? Where are the days when I walk out with freshly-pressed neatness and abundant knowledge? How did I lose my status as the lead source of reference? Was there no-one who could pick me up from this miserable state, to allow me to sit in a peaceful corner instead of this aimless stumbling in the winds?

I blame it on that promiscuous seductress who invites them to caress her even if they only had a minute. She had claimed to know more than I ever could. A flick, a swipe, a look; they couldn’t resist anything she could offer to show.

Isn’t it sad how Man has lost their values and civility. That stupid sexy Tablet has taken over the world and captured all the hearts of these unthinking fools. They crush candies, “farm” and shoot bubbles. But they no longer read, think or care.

What am I, but a forgotten ball of crushed newspapers…

I spotted a crushed ball of newspapers on the floor a some mornings ago. As people rushed to board their buses, whisper into their mobile phones or indulge in some tablet apps, they leaped, somersaulted and maneuvered around the trash that sat on the floor. That ball of newspaper soon tumbled towards me. I chucked it in the bin, and this story came to mind…


6 thoughts on “Story: Day in the life of the forgotten

  1. Very clever… this was reminding me of the story you did of the elderly person that was invisible to the world that was whizzing by her… until I got to the part about the paper.

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