Very Inspiring Blogger Award


What a very sweet surprise to receive this “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from the very blogger that inspires me so much – Gray Poet! Drop by his site; he writes beautifully!

I wish I was more inspirational – I wish I could write better, draw better, film better … but that being said, I’m grateful for this beautiful award to display on my blog!

The Rules
1. Display the logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
5. Notify your nominees.

Nominating for this award is:

  1. Scottseyephotos ( for his beautiful photos of nature and life
  2. The View Outside ( for her ever-inspiring writing plans
  3. Adrian Pym ( for his beautiful photographs that look so professional they even inspire my writing
  4. Another Bag, More Travel ( because he shares his amazing tavels with us! How I long to write like him some day!
  5. A French Frye in Paris ( because he left his home and settled right into France, thereby sharing his wonderful stories!
  6. Bucket List Publications ( for doing everything I love and following her dreams!
  7. WISIWIS ( for the awesome pictures of a country that inspires me endlessly
  8. Sethsnap ( for the great photos that reminds me every day of the beautiful things in life
  9. Cornwall – A photographic Journey ( for presenting nature with such grandeur
  10. Beyond the Brush ( for someone who worked in a similar industry as I did but chose to pursue her dreams in what she loved, and where art comes alive in different forms
  11. Doodlemum ( because she made me think of picking up my sketchbook again… Only I can’t draw as well as she does!
  12. Canoe Communications ( for travelling adventurously and sharing it with us.
  13. The Byronic Man ( for being so funny
  14. Waldotomosky ( because he never fails to think and write about the once-forgotten
  15. A Grateful Man ( because he lives with a good cause and writes from the bottom of his heart

Here’s trying to write seven things about myself which I have yet to mention in previous awards’ requirements!

  1. Vodka addict.
  2. Highly “negative”, according to societal standards.
  3. Coffee is a necessity to start the engines every morning.
  4. I long to visit Russia again, this time for a longer duration, in order learn more about it’s history.
  5. I don’t eat when I work.
  6. I can listen to one song over and over again for a week.
  7. Nothing much to say, mostly.

18 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations for being nominated for this award and for nominating my blog for same. I’m humbled and honored at receiving it. As I have received this award multiple times before, and mention and list many blogs on an on-going basis including at least 70 at a time on my home page via their avatars, I will acknowledge you and your blog for honoring my blog and I will mention 7 things about myslef that I hopefully haven’t mentioned earlier. Hopefully that is in keeping with the spirit of the award.

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  3. Congratulations on recieving your award. You have taken us to places we would never have had the chance to see and taken our minds to think about things we never would have thought. Thank you for that. And thank you for nominating my blog for the award. I will, for now, have to excuse myself and not respond to it. Illness in the family is consuming most of my time. Thankfully I had prepared “Egil’s Saga” well in advance. Thank you again. You are very thoughtful.

  4. As you can see, you ARE inspiring…. We are always our own worst critic, whether the way we look, what we do or how we present our talent… for it is a talent. Keep inspiring..

    • You are most welcome! Very deserving indeed! I’m inspired as you share about your writing lists, though I don’t quite get down to doing it (due to my laziness), but I’m trying to keep to a writing schedule, even if not on the blog! 🙂

      • Awwww, thanks honey 🙂

        I think setting goals keeps you focused, but just recently, I’ve been a bit lapse in actually achieving everything on my lists. Still, I’m not gunna beat myself up about it 🙂


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