Good things come to those who wait – Not.

They say, good things come to those who wait. I have never believed in that. I am impatient. I need work to be done days before deadlines. I see everything as a task with a process that can be expedited.

Today I re-confirmed against the statement. In personal and life issues, I am that procrastinator; that person who thinks thrice before taking action. That waiting did me no good.

People liked to ask others for advice on all kinds of things. Sometimes it helps us to see from a different perspective, but oftentimes the ultimate decision must come from within yourself. After all, who can and will be willing to take responsibility for an advice once shared and taken seriously, but resulted in a negative outcome?

Watch it slip through your fingers,
Watch it all come to an end.
Listen to the last note that lingers,
Listen to the voice that will speak no more.

We needn’t jump to make decisions, but don’t, don’t ever procrastinate…


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