Story: Swan Song

The casual mention, almost like a tease, broke him.
A slip of tongue revealed that her career would come to a conclusion tonight.

She would no longer set foot on the stage – this very arena that had left him besotted by her allure. She lowered her head and flashed a fatally attractive smile; the spotlights that touched her softly illuminated the artful shyness. As mutters of protest grew louder, he fell speechless into the darkness.

Crystal-clear notes from the violin began to flit ambrosially to their ears. Each word that escaped her mouth refreshed him like the summer rain, yet pierced his heart mercilessly. Anger, frustration, then helplessness. Despite the five-mile distance, he felt her enchanting hand gestures transcend space to caress his face.  No amount of fury could withstand the seduction – he felt a tight compression in his chest, squeezing out his last breath. Blood gushed in his vessels, and his heart melted away.

The last time. This would be the very last time he saw her and heard that one-of-a-kind voice. He knew now, as she took that final bow, that it could not last forever…

Yes – this is the continuation of “the listener”


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