Thoughts from a computer game

Does it seem surprising that sometimes deep thoughts are derived from random activities like playing video/computer games?

This is with reference to a simple computer game called ‘Kelly Green Garden Queen’. This is basically about a girl who heads off to the countryside to start a garden. She plants her crops, packs her own soil, sells bouquets etc. As per all games, the level of difficulty increases as you play on. At the end of the game, Kelly Green uses modernized equipment that automatically refilled and packed soil, speeding up the process of her activities. When I looked back at the beginning levels, I realized that she had started out manually filling soil into pots!  It was such a chore, with multiple steps to complete, It was almost ridiculous for anyone to have to do that!

It suddenly dawned upon me that as Man progresses, we forget how we had started out. Sometimes, so much so that we become over-reliant and handicapped when technology fails.

Have we been too caught up chasing ‘advancements’ that we’ve neglected the basis of our progress? Why are there no more ‘great thinkers’ like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle? While scientific discoveries in many aspects continue to occur (as with the discovery of Higgs boson), Man no longer experience the revelation of electricity that has changed modern dwelling; or the discovery of anesthesia that brought relief to those who needed medical help. Yet centuries ago, even without the technology we have today, underground cities as massive as Derinkuyu were built, and exploration of the world took place.

How our progress similarly seems to set us back in other aspects escapes me; I guess it’s a matter of give-and-take – we win some, we lose some.

And all this revelation derived from a computer game!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from a computer game

  1. Derinkuyu is absolutely amazing! I love the way you’ve taken this simple game to explain our ‘progress’ as humans. It almost seems like we really don’t have to think anymore because all the thinking is done for us. What a great subject to write about 😀

    • thanks Dianne! I was a little sad about how we seem to be incapable of greater things these days. in the past, discoveries were made for ‘needs’ – eg. coal, fire, creation of wheels etc. today, creations are for luxury – smartphones, headphones … it’s a stark contrast, isn’t it.

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