people you meet on public transport

The most eclectic bunch of people can be found on public transport. They don’t differ too much from day to day. Here’s my take on the seven types of people we meet on public transport…

1. The ‘body-laundry’ man
There’s always this guy who will grab the furthest handle from him possible to play ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ with everyone else. He secretly wishes to air his under-arms to keep them fresh and odourless. His counterpart is the guy who sits with his legs wide open (I don’t want to know what he is airing…) such that it crosses two seats and nobody else can sit beside him.

2. ‘My belongings are worth a million’ woman
Her plastic bag of groceries is worth more than you can imagine. It demands a seat on the chair next to her; when there is only one seat, she will rest her bag on that seat rather than sitting down and putting it on her lap. She frowns at you when you ask for her to give up the seat that her bag comfortably rests upon. I’m sorry, folks – I guess you’re just not worth that million dollars of groceries she is carrying…

3. ‘Koala boy/girl’
They love the Koala so much that they can’t help imitating it! They wrap themselves around any holding poles, lean against any arm-rests, and somehow are deaf to your “please excuse me” remarks. They update their social media statuses and laugh at funny videos online. It doesn’t quite matter what you say about the lack of standing space or safety precautions for commuters to hold on to something. Nobody can hinder their lifelong ambition to be the Koala that knows how to use Facebook…

4. ‘I am the centre of the world’ man/woman
That’s the one who believes that the sun, moon or the entire planetary system revolves around him/her. They busy themselves with their smartphone, post updates on social media and show off their latest technological gadgets, all the time remaining oblivious to the rest of the commuters. They will never move to the rear of a bus because there must be evil forces ready to pounce on them. They will crowd at the exit/entrance such that if the evil forces leap, they will be able to escape first. Forget about the rest of you trying to board or alight, you’re not the centre of the world.

5. ‘Check out my heels’ lady
Her shoes dangle off her feet as she crosses her leg. If you dare take a step forward, her shoes will risk flying to the other end of the carriage. Why don’t you stop where you are and check out her heels?

6. ‘C’mon show me what you’re doing!’ guy
It’s ok that we’re not friends, come on! Show me what’s that you’re reading! Who are you typing a message to? Is that your Twitter account? Are all those your friends on Facebook? Hey, it’s cool, there’s nothing to hide from your fellow passenger. That’s the ‘peer-er’. He looks at everything you’re doing and has no understanding of privacy. By the end of the trip, I think he knows who you love to text and half your friends on social media networks.

7. ‘I hate this and everything else’ observer
That’s us. That’s just the rest of us – observing everything that goes on during commute, with that ‘peer-er’ watching as I type about ‘koala girl’, frowning at ‘centre of the world’ and risking an unimaginable attack by the ‘heels’ lady swinging her feet back and forth. That’s just another day on public transport!

What are some other ‘types’ you’ve met? Maybe the ‘loudspeaker’ that tells us all about his evenings? Or the ‘man who has not evolved’ swinging from one handlebar to the next? Tell me about it! 🙂


7 thoughts on “people you meet on public transport

    • Ah right! These are terrible! When I visited Japan I realised they had a rule against the use of mobile phones on their trains/buses. It’s quite amazing… at least they don’t have to hear about each other’s weekend adventures or evening outings…

  1. These are fantastic. I’m thinking of the young ones who get on the front of the bus and make their way to the back as the bus is moving and slamming into people because the only place for the cool kids to sit is right at the back 😉

    • Yea that too! How cool to slam into everyone too, it proves that they have bodies made of steel. But I really dislike those who crowd around the entrance/exit such that no-one else can board/alight. Hmm.

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