All around Kyoto







Countless temples and shrines dot the city of Kyoto, a place that has such great historical value that I wouldn’t have missed it when in Japan. Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines are a common sight, but I could never have enough of looking at these unique structures.


Kyoto is often represented by the Kinkaku-ji, or Golden Pavilion. This is a Zen temple that stands over a large pond in Northern Kyoto, and the top levels are covered with gold leaf. I would have tried to get a better view if there weren’t so many tourists – this is the back of the pavilion; so do visit the site to check out the actual view you’ll get when you’re there! In any case, a teahouse sits nearby along the path to the exit.

Instead of joining the endless crowds, I decided to make my way out of the area and head off to somewhere that is undeniably packed with culture and history…IMG_0791If the study of the religion might not be aligned with your interests, take a look at these amazing architecture and the intricacies! A typical place to visit when in Kyoto would be the Higashiyama District along Kyoto’s Eastern slopes. This historical site is well preserved and gives the experience of walking through ancient Kyoto – narrow lanes are decorated with stone statues and little shops. Just within the vicinity you’ll be able to find about ten or more temples/shrines! 

IMG_0869It is a peaceful walk around the Higashiyama region. Most tour groups would visit the Kiyomizudera Temple (so if you’re not a fan of crowds, go early in the morning!). I’ve chosen to share the picture of Chionin Temple above, because of its serene environment. Most temple entrance fees are about 200 – 400 Yen, so do prepare some cash for your activities. And check on the reconstruction / preservation works before visiting!


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