old lady and her friend

On the very same trip in the previous post, I met two elderly women on the train. Let’s call them Judy and Gertrude.

They were chatting softly in the corner seats of the carriage, Judy seemingly excited about the similarities between this foreign land and their country. She was on a trip away from home! Gertrude was nodding sleepily. As Judy ended her sentence, Gertrude responded. I glanced at them; it was then that I realised that she didn’t have her eyes closed – her left eye wasn’t well, and could not be opened. At the same time as she spoke, Judy who was seated on Gertrude’s left, turned to lean her left ear towards Gertrude. It didn’t take me long to note too, that Judy was hard of hearing in her right ear.

Something hit me at that moment, again. It wouldn’t have been easy for these two old friends to have made such a long flight out of their homes, given age and other impairments – but they did! And despite the difficulties, there was genuine interest and excitement in their quiet speech.

Yet myself – I am disinterested, uninspired and unmotivated.

What are we afraid of in taking risks?
What holds us back from making that first step?
And would we then wait till age catches up with us before we regret, or decide to take a chance?

I sit still at a desk with my laptop while I contemplate about questions I throw out with regards to freedom and travels – what an irony!

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