Sunshine Award


Some sunshine on a dull day indeed! Rachael has kindly nominated my ranting space for Sunshine Award! Do check out her blog – it holds lots of good flash fiction and leaves you wanting to read more each time!

I kind of figured there was a requirement to say ten things about myself, and recommend some blogs. I’ve decided to twist that a bit, and merge those two. I’ll now recommend some blogs I like and say something about how each of these blogs have brought sunshine to my life!

A Grateful Man – Russ was inspired, and he set out to inspire others. Beginning his creative pursuit only recently, Russ has shown me that it’s never too late to start!

Helen Midgley – Just like the award, Helen writes with a positive vibe even in the darkest stories. An enjoyable read, always.

Road Tripping Europe – Some of the most amazing landscape photos can be found here. I realised how much of the world I have yet to see, and would love to keep exploring!

CB Wentworth – She remains one of the most committed and inspiration writers I’ve met while blogging; check out especially all the photos that CB Wentworth has tagged poems to!

Retireediary –  Michael shares with us some of the purest pictures of nature, unaltered. Check out his blog for some beautiful autumn photos!

That’s all for now; there are so many more wonderful blogs out there – I’m sure you have a list too. Share them with me – we’ll keep reading and writing!

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