Writing Prompt: 1984

Hello, 2014. Here’s my first attempt at (i) writing based on the prompts provided here, (ii) writing about things that are of interest to me, (iii) writing more regularly.
I chose to work on today’s prompt –

January 9:
1984 – You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

Voices were ringing endlessly in that dark sterile space. Images spun about, at times zooming in to a frightening closeness; at times, distancing itself beyond reach. A film reel of scenes unfolded before my eyes, but nothing seemed to make sense. My arms flailed around to grasp the faces, but it kept slipping through the fingers like sand.

My heart clenched into a fist; my brains churned in anxiety. Who are they? What are they saying? When did these events take place? How had I reacted on each occasion of meeting this person; what did I do when this activity occurred?

A sudden dead silence. The faces, voices and images all fell into quietness. Emptiness prevailed. Nothing was left. It was like I had never lived.

This monster – so insidious and powerful – has taken over. It has sapped away all my memories; all my thoughts and emotions. This terror, the fear of forgetting, has triumphed…


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