Ride with Larry – the Movie

If you’ve joined me on my blogging journey, you probably know I don’t write about movies, or movie reviews.

But there is this one show for 2014 that I’ll like to mention: Ride with Larry – the Movie.
I’ve heard people complain about poor visual treatment, low budget production, etc.
What caught my attention, though, was the fact that this movie reminded me of the old man I’d met.

I have watched the trailer; there are elements I may not entirely agree with, but Larry’s message is clear. He tells of how people may give up their fight. He states his awareness of how this disease may take his life some day. But he continues to take the challenges.
That’s what many of us lack even in a good state of health. We avoid difficulties. We complain about tough times.

Start working on what matters, with a determination never before. Start today.

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