Writing Prompt: Flangiprop!

February 1:
Flangiprop! – Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

‘Flangiprop’ – noun
1. A person who freeloads, claims credit and attempts to impress by affecting greater importance than possessed. Often identifiable by a plastered-on smile and an overwhelmingly unbelievable enthusiasm towards life and all other activities, even when dire consequences is apparent.

She sauntered into the workspace, without care that it was close to noon. As people raised their heads to look, she flashed a smile and nodded, as if acknowledging their hard work. She took a seat at her desk and flicked on the computer screen.

The windows popped to show a social media site. Perfect – time to chat with the gazillion friends and connections whose faces she could not bother to remember. She would type frantically on her keyboard, as if working on some important documents. But the day would pass with little achievements.

She was always there – like part of the furniture in the room. She would offer her help to anyone who might seem busy; but when the task was allocated, no output was visible. She would express excitement in any new endeavors, but do little to make it happen. She would support with enthusiasm the projects initiated by her supervisor, while nothing else seemed to be of importance to her.

This was the very attitude that had kept her job secured for long – sashaying around the office space, doing minimal work but claiming maximum credit for what had been deemed ‘involvement’ in all aspects of the business. Doing nothing guaranteed making no mistakes. She had wiggled her way into success cases and out of failing projects. Yet no-one dared to speak a word against this flangiprop.

Such was the fact of life; and the non-flangiprops – they shall lose in the battle, penalised for attempting to make things right…


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