Writing Prompt: The bizarro world

April 20:
The bizarro world – In the DC comics universe, a planet called “Htrae” (“Earth” spelled backwards) is populated with bizarre versions of superheroes. A Seinfeld episode made the idea of this Bizarro World popular, where the characters encountered their opposite selves. Craft a scene in which you meet an opposite version of yourself – or a story in a bizarre, backwards world.

Rustic was quietly scouring the joint. There was much to observe before action could be taken. He inched stealthily against the walls, making sure to remain hidden in the shadows. He watched the lady in the blue-winged tee-shirt make her way across the street. He scrutinised the book shop, where the old man in the bowler hat always visited in the morning before he got his standard croissant breakfast. Nothing had changed; it seemed like it would be another day without progress.

But something unusual was happening today. A flamboyant character was parading down the street, waving to passer-bys and speaking excessively. “Citsur in the house tonight, my friends! Good morning to you!” he hollered heartily. Rustic rolled his eyes, but noticed that Citsur didn’t seem to be as easygoing as he had portrayed himself to be. Citsur was taking notes of his surroundings, as if drawing a mental note of the location. Just then, Rustic began to realise that the character who had introduced himself as Citsur, was heading right over to his hiding place!

“Hey, I saw you outta the corner of my eyes. Whatcha up to?” Citsur whispered loudly as he blocked Rustic’s line of sight. Flustered, Rustic nudged the stranger slightly. There was a peculiar connection. “C’mon mate, I know what you’re up to. Lemme guess, we’re on the same mission, aren’t we?” Citsur probed. Rustic stopped. How could he have known that there was a mission too?

As if sensing the gears whirring in Rustic’s mind, Citsur spoke again. “We’ll play a game – I’ll start. I’ll tell you everything I am and what I like. If you disagree with every statement I say, you’ll have to be my sidekick in this mission.” Rustic turned to look at the corner of the walls, but the silence was a clear sign of consent.

“I am the centre of attention. I like to be in crowds. I need a lot of sleep. I need to hang out with my pals all the time. I can crack jokes easily. I am forgiving and forgetful. I don’t take things too seriously. I like mornings. I like summers. I can always speak about what I feel – and you don’t. That makes me a happier person than you.”

Rustic wanted to refute; but kept silent… he had lost the game.


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