Writing Prompt: Your Time to Shine

April 28:
Early bird, or night owl?

The Night Owl – he lives his life at night but shines even through the early hours of the day.

He felt compelled to oblige to social norms. The world functions as dawn breaks and comes to rest at night. The Night Owl knew that he had to stay awake in the morning to do what the rest of the world would do.

He had also learnt that, to appreciate the dark, he had to see the light. He had learnt to stay awake. He had learnt that time was but a construct that could more than accommodate his activities.

He burrows and builds his home in the morning; in human terms, he was ‘working’. As evening falls, his attention ebbs and he falls into a light siesta. But in the gloaming as brightness dissipates, the night owl comes to life. He contemplates his future and falls deep into thoughts through the night, engaging in creativity.

The Night Owl sits firmly on a staunch branch. His feathers exhibits shades of black and white unknown to Man. His gaze pierces through the foliage, as if in search of something. He had completed his hunt; he had painted the sky as he took his silent flight; he had sang his sorrows through the night…

The Night Owl who stretched himself too far, sometimes fell far beyond repair…

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