in the apocalyptic view…

I was recently planning a trip to visit some of the abandoned places around the world, when I spotted yet another article on top of the one I had posted in my previous post.

I wished someone would compile all these beautiful places together for reference; but as I was plotting my routes to Gunkanjima (or ‘Battleship Island’) at Hashima, Nagasaki Prefecture, I was quickly discouraged by friends around me. The dangers of collapsing buildings, environmental effects around the country, and many other reasons surfaced. To make things worse, travel plans were quickly put off by work commitments.

In such cases, I shall have to satisfy my desire to explore by reading the article for now! Maybe I could start with building on the list from the year-end post. Some more places that intrigue me (check out the original article for the 33 photos!):

11. Abandoned dome houses in Southwest Florida
How was it different to be in a rounded house, compared to our typical squarish flats?
Why were they made rounded? Did you once feel like a bird in a cage?
When the waves washed over, would you then feel like a fish in an bowl?

12. Fishing hut on a lake in Germany
Someone left his mark here. Something man-made, in the vast nature.
And when it has outlived its usefulness, it was left to rot. Only this time, it had altered what nature had been. Such is Man.

13. The Kerry Way walking path between Sneem and Kenmare in Ireland
How the trees creeps over the structures and blocks out the light for those who walk within, lends itself to a great fantasy story. Imagine archers in green hiding amidst the foliage. Imagine warriors in camouflage blending in with the tree barks.

14. 15th century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany
(I trust this is St George’s Abbey) Not up to imagination, but rather an interesting place to visit, given its past.

15. Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England
Simply a fortress of medieval times, I am fascinated by its architecture, use and past.

16. Craco, Italy
Geological instabilities has resulted in the population fleeing this location.
Yet their daily lives shall be preserved in this abandoned site.

17. Abandoned Blade Mill, France
Again, all up to the imagination. Maybe the warriors and their blacksmiths had set up a bunch of weaponry here before making their way through the Kerry Way…

Alas, when one cannot travel, his mind travels on his behalf…

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